Next Journey begins Tuesday 17th April 2018

Welcome to The Sacred Womb Journey

The Sacred womb journey is a 10 week journey deep into your wild 

self, to connect with your power as a woman!

About the sacred womb journey

The Sacred womb journey is a 10 week, in person journey, suitable for women of all ages, aimed at women who experience a menstrual cycle. (It is also possible to take this journey, if you do not have a cycle) It is a deep immersion into the ancient feminine ways of living in the flow of your cyclical nature, the lunar cycle, and the seasons of life and of the year. 

When women pay attention to their menstrual cycle, deeply honoring each phase with the rest, nourishment, movement, celebration etc. appropriate for the phase, balance is restored, and she can live with greater harmony, creativity and joy in her life. 

The sacred womb journey will take you through contemplation of how you have experienced your menstrual cycle in the past, including attitudes and patterning from your own family and the greater culture at large, and encourage you to consider how you may wish to enhance this. 

Through shamanic practices, creative process, and the shared experiences that come from the is taken opportunity to pay attention to yourself over the course of your own cycle, we will re-frame what it mean's to live in a woman's body that bleeds. 

You will have the opportunity to re-discover the spiritual practice of menstration, by letting go each month at the bleeding time of your cycle, and calling forth what you wish to nurture and grow in your life.

The lunar phase, seasonal cycles and The life cycles of maiden, mother, maga (post-menopause) and crone, will be explored for understanding how these influence your life at any given time.

A deep 4 week long creative process makes up a part of this journey, during which we weave the stories of our wombs into a basket, made from locally sourced other natural fibres. This will be a tool you may wish to use further as you journey deeper with your experience of your cycle.

If you feel the call, I invite you to take this journey with me, and the other women who show up. No prior experience is required. All women will be welcomed and celebrated for the unique qualities and teachings they bring to the circle.

The Sacred womb journey will run twice in 2018 in the central goldfields, Victoria.

It will be held for a 3 hour duration, over 10 consecutive weeks, beginning on a new moon on;

Tuesday 17th April 2018 in CASTLEMAINE, Vic &

Tuesday October 9th in BENDIGO, Vic

The 10 week Sacred Womb Journey Tickets include the following;

- 10 x 3 hour workshop sessions
-  All course notes
- Menstrual cycle charting booklet
- Basket weaving materials   
- Delicious Supper & Chai.

Tickets are $350, concessions available

Bookings through eventbrite, see link button below.

For course venues, times and all other enquiries Please call Rachel Pilgrim on 

0430 450 967

I look forward to Journeying with you!                  

About Rachel

Hi Beautiful One! 

Just like you, I am on a journey of self discovery! 

I am a mother, lover, sister, daughter, child of this beautiful earth! I feel deeply honored to call the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung aboriginal people my home and treat her, the plants and animals here with the deepest of respect and care.  

My interest in the women's Mysteries grew immensely about 10 years ago, right before I became pregnant with my eldest child. Through the transition into the mother stage of my life, I experienced a profound shift; this was the first right of passage I had journeyed with deep conscious awareness, ceremony and sacredness. A door opened! 

Since then I have delved deeper in my studies of the women's mysteries. I am fascinated with women's stories and experiences of menarche (first period), menstruation, pregnancy, birth, life, love, aging and death, and the patterns present in our lineage; mother to daughter and grandmother and right back through the ancestors.


I eagerly share my passion for this work in a number of ways in my local community;

I hold women's circles (The Red tent) once a month around dark moon.

I offer menstrual education program's for girls aged 10-12 (A Celebration day for girls) 

I co-host lively and fun "Period Parties" for girls aged 11-15 (You don't even have to have your period yet, they are just for girls to  discover, celebrate, learn and share the experience of growing into a woman's body. 

I have a Bachelor in Biological Sciences, I've studied and lived a Yogic lifestyle in Ashrams in both Australia and India. I'm a Graduate and Apprentice of the School of Shamanic womancraft, an International Women's Mysteries School founded in Australia by Jane Hardwicke Collings.

It is my sincere wish that all women may experience and celebrate their menstrual cycle as a sacred and powerful life giving function, without any shame or taboo that has existed in the past in the culture. The offering of the sacred womb Journey is made with love and with this wish and intention. 

I look forward to the opportunity to share information, circle space or a cup of tea with you somewhere on the journey.  

Rachel xo


The 10 week Sacred Womb Journey Tickets include the following; 

- 10 x 3 hour workshop sessions

-  All course notes 

- Menstrual cycle charting booklet

- Basket weaving materials   

- Delicious morning tea & Chai.  

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